The lost ABC

The Lost ABC is a duo recently founded and based in Milan, Italy. Gianluca Mancini, piano and synthesizers, and Massimiliano Fraticelli, guitars and live electronics. The Album takes inspiration from the huge passion that both the musicians have for the world of the soundtracks and its main composers. The goal of this project was to recreate a sort of imaginary soundtrack capable to unify the different styles of this art in a unique and harmonious tread, using the magnificent and powerful warmness of the Grand Piano Steinway and combining it with the wide variety of the tones of guitars. The album faithfully reflects the atmosphere and the melancholy suggestions of the soundtracks written for the current and major directors as Inarritu, Villeneuve, Soderbergh or Fincher and the musicians have tried to compose it as if they were in front of them, a fancy dialogue , a sort of musical simposio. The result is an orchestral depiction with a minimalistic approach, a musical vessel drenched with strings, ambient noise, pure piano melody and guitar scratches. Most of the tracks of the album were recorded around the world, capturing violin’s theme in Hotel’s room, or improvising recording set in the theaters, putting microphones around fabulous Grand piano found on tour: the main theme of one of the tracks was recorded on a Steinway piano built in the 30s, wonderfully preserved in the house of one of the main italian publisher. It’s been an interesting and experimental approach, result of the experiences of Mancini as musical producer and Fraticelli as sound engineer in field recordings.

the composers

Massimiliano Fraticelli was born in Florence, he is a guitarist, musician and composer, author and producer of audiovisual products, active since 1995. Grown musically with the indie-rock band Interno17 with which releases 4 albums with a major label and consequently starts touring, founder of Plunger Media Ltd audiovisual production company which currently leads, he works also as sound and field recordist for cinema and documentaries, carrying out audio post production and original soundtracks.
Gianluca Mancini was born in Milano. Pianist, composer and producer, his activities start in the early 90s as keyboard player with different bands. After several years of tours, he begun to work as sound engineer and producer for modern classic artists, in particular with Ludovico Einaudi. In the meanwhile he found the Mai Tai, studio recording based in Milan, in which he also produces works for ADV and cinema.

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