A dj-set fruit of years of research between stalls and second-hand shops, to arrive at a collection of little-known masterpieces ranging from the Renaissance to the early 1900s.

Mozart whistled at the piano, baroque music for jaw harp, Latin American Renaissance music, rare incisions by Britten with a chorus of white voices are some of the discoveries that are revealed to the public in this refined djset. A path that reveals what is classic in modern music, and vice versa, through acrobatic juxtapositions between different periods and styles.

A delicate project, with a slightly retro flavor and antique charm, contaminated by the use of turntables and mixers.

He has selected discs at Antje Oklesund (Berlin), Fuori Salone del Mobile (Milan), Santeria (Milan), Muviments Festival (Itri, LT), Acusmatiq (Ancona), Danae Festival (Milan), Milan Film Festival (Milan).

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