Perfect Broken

Very happy to announce that MATITA will work again with Balletto Teatro di Torino for the project Perfect Broken.
Saturday the 9th of september at Reggia di Venaria, Turin.

In collaboration with the dancers of Balletto Teatro di Torino (BTT) and the musical ensemble, Matita, this commission has been created for the occasion of a Rivolimusica and BTT co-production on February 2017.

Dance meets sculpture and place, inspired by Buddhist concepts that derive from wabi-sabi, which celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Perfect Broken explores the geometry of the body, physical meditation and ritual, delivering the dancers into authentic moments of exchange and engagement. Iconic standards of beauty, embodied by the golden proportion, dictate a carefully measured performance space, partially covered by a pristine paper floor where the dancers begin with the creation of a grid.
The body engaged in concentrated task opens itself to the poetry of error, while charcoal, delicately held by the dancers as they move, becomes an extension of the choreography, offering both the paper and the skin as a real-time canvas, an artifact, of the dance, a patina of memory imprinted on the body. With each rehearsal and performance the body and the sculptures are smudged, marked, tattered and worn, telling a unique story that touches upon empathy, impermanence and the curiosity and awareness to see beauty in transient, fleeting moments, accepting marks of “usage” as the badge of a life well-lived rather than something to avoid or disguise.
Because life is more than a perfect circle.

Choreography: Renata Sheppard
Dance: Balletto Teatro di Torino
Music: Matita
Electric piano: Antonello Raggi
Pens: Fabio Bonelli
Pencils: Luigi Bonelli
Felt pens: Fabio Valesini
Flowing pencils: Susanna Tosatti
Spoking words: Tania Haberland

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